Supply hot rolled plate a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate 10mm plate size

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Supply hot rolled plate a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate 10mm plate size

Firmly establish the "people-oriented, safe development" concept, strictly follow the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", strengthen and improve the management and supervision of safety production in an all-round way, and strive to improve the controllability of safety management And effectiveness, cultivate safety culture, improve long-term safety production mechanism, and build a harmonious BEBON.

Q460 series steel means that the plastic deformation of the steel material reaches 460 MPa, that is, when the external force is released, the steel can only maintain the shape of the force and cannot return to its original shape. This strength is greater than that of ordinary steel. The general quality grade symbols are respectively A, B, C, D, E. On the basis of ensuring low carbon equivalent, Q460 appropriately increases the content of microalloying elements. Good welding performance requires low carbon equivalent of steel a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate, and the increase of microalloying elements increases the strength of steel while also increasing the carbon equivalent of steel.

When using a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate, low-alloy high-strength steel, it is desirable to take advantage of its high strength and use a thinner section, not only for saving weight but also for the economy as much as possible. However, the corrosion factor must be fully considered. The thinner the steel section, the more attention should be paid to corrosion protection. Some low-alloy high-strength steels have good atmospheric corrosion resistance, which can not only improve the effect of anti-corrosion coatings, but in some cases, take appropriate precautions and can even be used without being coated in the atmosphere.

With the fast development in Myanmar, Myanmar navy build frigate every year. Bebon Cooperate with Myanmar Navy from from 2015. They purchased 412 ton a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate LR AH36 steel plate from Bebon as trial order in 2015. After receiving the goods, they speak highly of the quality and bebon's service. After that they purchase the shipbuilding steel plate from bebon regularly. In May,2018, the Myanmar navy's local representative visit our office and production line, and sign another contract 2025 tons a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate LR A shipbuilding steel plates order in our office.

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