SPA-H welded weathering steel sheet heat treatment

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SPA-H welded weathering steel sheet heat treatment

In 2019, our company has decorated the office building for newlook. We also make the cultural wall with various photos. These photos are a combination of SPA-H welded weathering steel sheet BBN Group various activities that record the company's beautiful memories in recent years. Among them are photos of the SPA-H welded weathering steel sheet company's annual meeting, photos of group trips, pictures of factories, party pictures, photos of outdoors organized barbecues, photos of winter sports, pictures of table tennis matches. The BBN steel company has rich staff activities and pleasant staff life.

Composition characteristics of Q420 alloy steel plate: 1.Low carbon: Due to the high requirements for toughness, weldability and cold forming performance, its carbon content does not exceed 0.20%. 2. Add manganese-based alloy elements. 3. Add auxiliary elements such as niobium, titanium or vanadium, which is beneficial to obtain fine ferrite grains and improve the strength and toughness of the Q420 alloy steel, SPA-H welded weathering steel sheet.

S355MC hot rolled steel chemical composition (%)
Carbon: ≤0.12, Manganese: ≤ 1.50, Phosphorus: ≤ 0.025, Sulfur: ≤ 0.020, Silicon: ≤0.50, Vanadium: ≤ 0.20, Titanium:≤ 0.15, Aluminum: ≥ 0.015
Mechanical properties
Yield strength MPa: ≥380
Tensile strength MPa: ≥450-590
Elongation: ≥18

In 2019, through the concerted cooperation of the enterprise team, the sales volume has grown steadily, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 300 million yuan. For this reason, both the investors and employees of the enterprise have received satisfactory returns. With strong development potential and brand advantages, we have always been committed to "integrity, efficiency, pragmatism, dedication" corporate spirit, dedication to society, and return to the public. From this perspective, the enterprise will have a bright future. In a good environment with strong hardware facilities and excellent management personnel, we can make sure that the company will develop stronger and bigger.

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