SMA490CW shipping container steel channel 3000tons inventory in Brunei

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SMA490CW shipping container steel channel 3000tons inventory in Brunei

Tata Steel Europe plans to cut 1250 jobs. Henrik Adam, CEO of Tata Steel, said: "the financial situation of Tata Steel Europe is very serious at present, and there is an urgent need to improve the company's performance and financial situation." Tata Steel has decided SMA490CW shipping container steel channel in November 2019 to cut 3000 jobs in its European operations to reduce costs. After a period of negotiations with the European labour Commission, the layoff plan cut that number by more than half, minimizing unemployment. Tata Steel has about 20000 employees in Europe.

The microstructure of the quenched and tempered alloy steel, SMA490CW shipping container steel channel after conventional heat treatment is tempered sorbite. For parts with wear-resistant surface (such as gears and spindles), induction heating surface quenching and low-temperature tempering are carried out, and the surface structure is tempered martensite. The surface hardness can reach 55HRC-58HRC. After quenching and tempering, the yield strength of quenched and tempered alloy steel is about 800MPa, the impact toughness is 800kJ / m2, and the core hardness is 22HRC - 25HRC. If the cross-section size is large but not quenched, the properties will be significantly reduced.

"ASTM A516 Grade 70 plate is a boiler / pressure vessel quality of steel plate for use in low to moderate services. It has improved notch toughness. SMA490CW shipping container steel channel, A516 Grade 70 steel plates can be produced with thick up to 200mm.For boiler steel plate A516 Grade 70, the yield strength shall be above 260 Mpa, tensile strength from 485 Mpa to 620 Mpa.A516 Garde70 steel plate is equivalent to the P355GH and 490B grades. "

We have a stable system and professional human resource management work as the support, from the six aspects of guidance, cohesion, incentive, constraint, radiation and stability, we continue to introduce, modify and train employees from concept to action, and shape employees through constant guidance of common values.

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