SMA400BP railway vehicles steel annual output

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SMA400BP railway vehicles steel annual output

Cold-rolled sheet is mainly used in the manufacturing of household appliances, automobiles, agricultural machinery, etc., as well as the raw material for the base plate of galvanized sheet and tin-plated sheet and thin-wall welded pipe. For stamping grade cold rolled sheet, deep drawing, extra deep drawing and ultra deep drawing grade cold rolled sheet, the steel grades are Q195, Q215, Q235, SPCC, St12, St13, St14. Cold rolled plate: SPCCT-SD, SMA400BP railway vehicles steel, SPCC, SPCE, DC01, DC03, DC04, DC05.

SMA400BP railway vehicles steel, Q345B steel plate strength has much to do with its thickness. First, the min. yield strength of Q345B steel plate: 345 Mpa for thickness ≤16mm, 335 Mpa for thickness 16-40mm, 325 Mpa for thickness 40-63mm, 315 Mpa for thickness 63-80mm, 305 Mpa for thickness 80-100mm, 285 Mpa for thickness 100-150mm, 275 Mpa for thickness 150-200mm, 265 Mpa for thickness 200-250mm. Second, the tensile strength of Q345B steel plate: 470-630 Mpa for thickness ≤100mm, 450-600 Mpa for thickness 100-250mm.

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