SMA400AW weather resistant steel material carbon steel high properties

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SMA400AW weather resistant steel material carbon steel high properties

According to foreign media reports, despite the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, most German screw SMA400AW weather resistant steel material steel producers still maintain a good level of production. This is in sharp contrast to the situation in other European countries and Germany's domestic steel mills, which are suffering from a slowdown due to the spread of the epidemic. Lotter kummatt Stahl, a local distributor, told customers on its website: "there is no reason at present to believe that German steel mills such as Riva and ferralpi are no longer able to serve the SMA400AW weather resistant steel material market due to the impact of the closure of local steel mills in Italy.

The primary purpose of adding alloy elements into steel is to improve the hardenability of steel and to ensure that martensite can be easily obtained during quenching. The second is to improve the tempering stability of the steel, to keep the martensite at a higher temperature, so that the carbide precipitated in the tempered steel is finer, uniform and stable. In this way, under the same conditions, SMA400AW weather resistant steel material, alloy steel has higher strength than carbon steel. One of the main purposes of adding alloy elements is to improve the strength of steel.

"We can supply SMA400AW weather resistant steel material, hot rolled pressure vessel plate available sizeThickness from 5mm to 150mm Width: from 1,500mm to 2,500mm Length: from 6,000mm to 12,000mmFor plates thinner than 40mm normally supply as rolled. Plates above 40mm thick are normalised.Technical conditions: Ultrasonic tested as per SA 578 or any other as per requirement ; MTC acc to EN 10204 / 3.2; Charpy Impact tested at -20/-46 DegC.; Furnace Normalised."

In 2019, through the concerted cooperation of the enterprise team, the sales volume has grown steadily, and the annual sales volume has exceeded 300 million yuan. For this reason, both the investors and employees of the enterprise have received satisfactory returns. With strong development potential and brand advantages, we have always been committed to "integrity, efficiency, pragmatism, dedication" corporate spirit, dedication to society, and return to the public. From this perspective, the enterprise will have a bright future. In a good environment with strong hardware facilities and excellent management personnel, we can make sure that the company will develop stronger and bigger.

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