Shipbuilding material quote for corrosion resistant steel Q355GNH stock in UAE

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Shipbuilding material quote for corrosion resistant steel Q355GNH stock in UAE

The company breaks through the production limit of ultra-wide pressure vessel steel plates and can provide ultra-wide CrMo steel plates for pressure vessels over 5 meters. This breakthrough not only upgrades the manufacturing capacity of ultra-wide quote for corrosion resistant steel Q355GNH steel plates, but also greatly improves the safety of petrochemical refining pipelines, promotes the development of petrochemical industry equipment, and promotes the high-end manufacturing of ultra-wide pressure vessel CrMo steel plates.

Low alloy high strength steel is a kind of engineering structural steel developed by adding a small amount of Mn, Si and a small amount of Nb, V, Ti, Al and other alloy elements on the basis of carbon structural steel, quote for corrosion resistant steel Q355GNH. The so-called low alloy means that the total amount of alloying elements in steel is less than 3%. High strength is relative to carbon engineering structural steel. The development principle of low alloy high strength steel is to use as few alloy elements as possible to obtain as high comprehensive mechanical properties as possible, so as to meet the requirements of use and low cost.

A204 Grade A steel chemical composition(%)Carbon: 0.18-0.25 Manganese max.: 0.90Phosphorus Max.: 0.025Sulfur Max.: 0.025Silicon: 0.15-0.40Molybdenum: 0.45–0.60quote for corrosion resistant steel Q355GNH, A204 Grade A steel mechanical propertiesTensile strength, kis [MPa]: 265-85 [450-585]Yield strength, min, kis [MPa]: 37 [255]Elongation in 8 in. [200 mm], min, %: 19Elongation in 2 in. [50 mm], min, %: 23

The 2019 Year of the Pig is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Growing up with the motherland, our company sang songs to the mark the 70th victory anniversary. In September, we organized all employees to sing "My Country and I" and made a film.

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