S355J2W hot rolled sheet stock size

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S355J2W hot rolled sheet stock size

The company focuses on quality building, continuously create greatest value for customers, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. With strong financial strength, advanced management experience, perfect sales services, strict quality purchase management system and science overall marketing means. We are willing to go hand in hand with you for common development. To be the best service provider for iron & steel products globally is our goal.

The company has strict control on the quality of S355J2W hot rolled sheet. Each S355J2W hot rolled sheet is inspected for the whole process, including raw material purchase, production process according to the procedures and relevant regulations. According to the technical standards and technical requirements, the composite quality inspection is carried out to confirm whether the S355J2W hot rolled sheet meets the specified quality requirements. If the S355J2W hot rolled sheet does not meet the quality requirements, the non conformity control shall be implemented, and the unqualified S355J2W hot rolled sheet shall be removed, marked, registered and effectively isolated; the S355J2W hot rolled sheet shall be inspected and confirmed for acceptance, release and delivery, and the quality certificate shall be issued.

High-temperature boiler steel plates such as 15CrMoR plate, 12Cr1MoVR steel plate, ASME SA387 grade 22 steel, A387 Gr 91 boiler steel, ASME SA1017 Gr 23, SA1017 Gr 911, SA1017 Gr 122 steel, S355J2W hot rolled sheet, must have features of:Sufficient high temperature durability and durable plasticity;Good high temperature tissue stability;Good high temperature oxidation resistance (heat resistance);Good hot and cold processing technology (mainly refers to cold bending deformation and weldability), etc.

In year 2015, we supplied 950 tons S355J0 angle steel to Egypt government. We have cooperation with local government for more than 3 years. Every year, they would order more than 3000 tons of S355J2W hot rolled sheet steel from our company.

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