JIS G3125 hot rolled steel, flat bulb supplier

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JIS G3125 hot rolled steel, flat bulb supplier

The company will also put Georgetown steelworks on "care and maintenance mode" and temporarily lay off or redeploy about 130 employees working at the steelworks and contractors while some JIS G3125 hot rolled steel maintenance employees will be on staff during the closure. It is stated that unemployment insurance and state-based unemployment support will be available immediately to workers affected by these changes.

JIS G3125 hot rolled steel, Q345B low alloy steel plate composition:
1) Low carbon: Due to the high requirements for toughness, weldability and cold forming properties, its carbon content does not exceed 0.20%;
2) Add manganese-based alloying elements;
3) Adding auxiliary elements such as niobium, titanium or vanadium: a small amount of niobium, titanium or vanadium forms fine carbides or carbonitrides in the Q345B steel, which is conducive to obtaining fine ferrite grains and improving the strength and toughness of the steel;
In addition, adding a small amount of copper (≤0.4%) and phosphorus (about 0.1%) can improve the corrosion resistance. Adding a small amount of rare earth elements can desulfurize and degas, purify steel, improve toughness and process performance.

A283 Grade B steel plate chemical composition:
Carbon, max %: 0.17, Manganese, max %:0.90 , Silicon, max%: 0.15-0.40, Phosphorus max%: 0.035, Sulfur max %: 0.040,Copper min %: 0.20
A283 Grade B steel plate mechanical property
Tensile strength, kis [MPa]:50-56[345-450]
Yield strength, min, kis [MPa]: 27[185]
Elongation in 8 in. [200 mm], min, %:25
Elongation in 2 in. [50 mm], min, %: 28

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