hot-rolled coil 05CuPCrNi high weather resistance steel production line

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hot-rolled coil 05CuPCrNi high weather resistance steel production line

Our company has a comfortable office environment, covers a large area, can accommodate hundreds of people working at the same time. All kinds of green plants are placed in the company, with a healthy office environment. Our company also has gym, table tennis, leisure bar, kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven and other equipment. Humanized construction provides comfortable office environment for employees.

Common 05CuPCrNi high weather resistance steel, steel plate thickness specifications are as follows:
Thick steel plate: thickness greater than 4, width within 10 is less than 2000mm, width above 10 is generally 2000, 2500mm, length 4-12m;
Thin steel plate: thickness less than 4mm, width 500-1500mm, length 1.5-4m;
Flat steel: thickness 4-60mm, width 12-200mm, length 3-9m.

The 05CuPCrNi high weather resistance steel, wear-resistant steel plate has complete specifications and many varieties, and has become a commercial series. The thickness of the wear-resistant alloy layer is 3-20mm. Wear-resistant steel plates are divided into three types: ordinary type, impact resistant type and high temperature type. Wear-resistant steel plate can be cut, bent or crimped, welded and punched, and it can be processed into various parts that can be processed by ordinary steel plate. The cut wear-resistant steel plates can be tailor-welded into various engineering structural parts.

Myanmar 4800 tons ABS AH36 and ABS A shipbuilding plates. This is very good customer of us, and we have cooperated many times for shipbuilding plates 05CuPCrNi high weather resistance steel . The most frequently ordered is shipbuilding plates, almost hundreds tons every 2 month, which are finally supplied to Myanmar’s navy. Just in last year, we have supplier more than 4800 tons shipbuilding plates for the customer continuously.

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