Direct sale SPA-H steel section 2000tons in Myanmar

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Direct sale SPA-H steel section 2000tons in Myanmar

Because the SPA-H steel section product cutting parts are smooth and beautiful, the surface quality is good, and the dimensional accuracy is high, its mechanical properties and process performance are better than hot-rolled thin steel plates, and it is widely used. Before leaving the factory, both sides of the steel plate are coated with neutral grease to prevent rust.

Steel prices in Europe are under downward pressure due to temporary shutdowns by auto makers in most of Europe and the disruption of trade flows due to reduced trade activity in the construction and other steel industries. Despite the import safeguard measures adopted in Europe, some key steel prices have reached a three-year low in 2019. At that time, the European market was oversupplied. Despite the import safeguard plan, the imports to the European Union remained at a historical high, and now the SPA-H steel section and so on steel price is even close to the level of 2009.

The steel such as SPA-H steel section delivered in the hot-rolled state has a certain degree of corrosion resistance due to the high temperature, so it can be stored in the open air. However, this layer of oxide scale also makes the hot-rolled steel surface rough and the size fluctuates greatly. Therefore, the steel with smooth surface, accurate size and good mechanical properties is required to be produced by using hot-rolled semi-finished products or finished products as raw materials and then cold rolling.

SPA-H steel section, Weathering steel plate is a kind of commonly used building materials with both functionality and aesthetics. Therefore, weathering steel has been widely used in the field of processing and decoration in the construction industry, and has been favored by many architects and landscape designers. Weathering steel has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It not only has been applied in construction industry, but also have a wide range of applications in other fields.

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