EN10204 Certification for Steel Q310GNH, Q295NH, Q355NH corten steel sheet

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EN10204 Certification for Steel Q310GNH, Q295NH, Q355NH corten steel sheet

The company has a group of experienced steel plate continuous processing line construction, production management, operation and professional and technical personnel. The company is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production processing, sales and service. Our main products include hot rolled plates, seamless pipes, Q310GNH, Q295NH, Q355NH corten steel sheet and steel structures. At the same time, it also adheres to international standards and adheres to the international line.

The advantages of Q310GNH, Q295NH, Q355NH corten steel sheet, carbon steel: First of all, the price of carbon steel is low. Compared with stainless steel, galvanized steel, alloy steel, etc., the carbon steel has a great advantage in price. It is a good choice for manufacturers and merchants such as construction sites that use building materials in large quantities. Secondly, the carbon steel is easy to process. In the early days, steelmaking technology was underdeveloped. It was very difficult to manufacture high-precision steel, and carbon steel is widely used.

The company attaches great importance to logistics services, sets up our own transport truck fleet, improves customer response capacity through the improvement of logistics capacity, and further reduces costs. Customers ordering Q310GNH, Q295NH, Q355NH corten steel sheet steel from our company can not only enjoy the service of fast delivery, but also enjoy lower transportation costs. Fast, accurate, simple and efficient has always been our principle.

If the chromium content in Q310GNH, Q295NH, Q355NH corten steel sheet alloy steel reaches about 12%, dense chromium oxides will be formed on the surface of the steel, which will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of steel in oxidizing media. Chromium, aluminum, silicon and other elements can improve the oxidation resistance of steel and the corrosion resistance of high-temperature gas, but excessive aluminum and silicon will deteriorate the thermoplasticity of steel.

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