A588 Grade B tempered and quenched steel impact properties

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A588 Grade B tempered and quenched steel impact properties

A588 Grade B tempered and quenched steel Tianjin inventory: 7*2920*8200, 15*2992*10185, 40*3050*5800, 14*1950*10700, 50*2500*12000, 20.9*2851*7000, 16*2120*6080, 20*1950*9350, 26*2200*12000, 20*2933*7300, 12.5*2900*11000, 40*3050*4200, 20*1950*9750, 15*2992*10185, 16*2230*7650, 14*2150*8500, 50*2200*12000, 16*2120*6080, 70*2500*12000.

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The main raw material of A588 Grade B tempered and quenched steel, hot rolling coil is billet. After heating the billet, the strip made from the coarse and fine rolling mill is cooled to a certain temperature by specific cooling, and then the cooled steel strip is made into rolled steel strip by coiler. But generally, according to the buyer's demand, the manufacturer can further process the cooled steel strip into steel plate or flat coil and other products.

A588 Grade B tempered and quenched steel, A588 GrB steel has high atmospheric corrosion resistance by alloying with Cu, P, Cr and Ni to form a protective layer on the surface of metal matrix. A588 GrB steel is widely used in various weather resistant building structural parts (especially in industrial atmospheric environment), bridge auxiliary structural parts and so on. Chemical composition of A588 GrB steel: C: ≤ 0.20, Si: 0.15-0.50, Mn: 0.75-1.35, P: 0.040, S: 0.050, Cr: 0.40-0.7, V: 0.01-0.10, Ni: ≤ 0.50, Cu: 0.20-0.40.

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