BBN 09CuPCrNi-A hot rolled sheets weathering steel supplier

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BBN 09CuPCrNi-A hot rolled sheets weathering steel supplier

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Compared with ordinary carbon steel plate, manganese steel plate has the following advantages. First, 09CuPCrNi-A hot rolled sheets, manganese steel plate is convenient for welding and processing. Second, manganese steel plate has good heat resistance, and can be processed into various containers. Third, manganese steel plate has good toughness. It is not easy to fracture and has long service life. Fourth, the performance of manganese steel plate is good at low temperature. It will not fracture because of temperature, so it can be used in cold areas.

S355NC steel offers excellent bending, flanging, cold-bordering and folding 09CuPCrNi-A hot rolled sheets properties in both longitudinal and transverse direction. The bending radii specified below should be observed as minimum values.

This customer is a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction company serving the Hydrocarbon and Chemical industries spanning Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refining, Fertilizer and related sectors in India. The A335 Grade P5 Steel Pipe and P9 09CuPCrNi-A hot rolled sheets Seamless Steel Pipe we supplied is for EIL refineries project.

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