ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel 2cm size stock

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ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel 2cm size stock

We supply more than 2,000 tons of high strength ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel low alloy steel coils to support the construction of Iraq's thermal power equipment projects. As a "Belt and Road" construction project, the Iraqi thermal power generation project has high requirements on the quality of steel for power generation equipment. In particular, the flue gas baffle door sealing system of ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel thermal power plants has extremely strict requirements on the composition, yield strength and tensile strength of steel. Our hot rolled low alloy steel coils have won the favor of customers for their excellent mechanical properties, standard sizes, and beautiful shapes.

The characteristic of niobium in ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel etc. steel material is to increase the recrystallization temperature of austenite, so as to achieve the purpose of refining austenite grains. In general, the amount of niobium added in steel material is less than 0.05%, and the contribution of niobium above 0.05% to strengthening and toughening will no longer be obvious.

Chemical elements of 35CrMnSi steel: C: 0.32-0.39, Si: 1.10-1.40, Mn: 0.80-1.10, Cr: 1.10-1.40. The mechanical properties of 35CrMnSi steel: tensile strength 1620 MPa; yield strength 1280 MPa; elongation after fracture: 9%; reduction of area: 40; impact energy: 31J. ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel, 35CrMnSi steel is used to manufacture medium speed, heavy load, high strength parts and high strength components, such as aircraft landing gear and high pressure blower blades. 35CrMnSi can partly replace the corresponding CrNi alloy steel in manufacturing small and medium section parts.

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