A588 Grade K oil derricks used steel BBN steel supply high quality carbon plate

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A588 Grade K oil derricks used steel BBN steel supply high quality carbon plate

Every after-sales service shall have a detailed record of the customer's product problems and handling methods. The records shall be sorted into volumes and filed on a monthly basis, and submitted to the technical department for filing. The problems found in the after-sales service shall be summarized in a timely manner, discussed with the technical department, the quality inspection department and the production department, and a proper solution shall be proposed for the technical department to improve in a timely manner;

Spring steel has good fatigue strength and can be restored to its original shape after repeated use without deformation. Because the spring has good ductility, it can be changed back to its original state no matter how long it is stretched. Spring steel has good elasticity. In addition to being made into springs, spring steel can also be processed into swords, which requires good elasticity also. A588 Grade K oil derricks used steel, Spring steel has good tensile strength and can be restored without breaking under the limit of being stretched.

The company has passed ISO quality management system certification, domestic advanced production technology, and high product batch stability. Selected materials, the source controls every quality link to ensure A588 Grade K oil derricks used steel product high quality. Use automated, scientific and systematic manufacturing processes to meet the different needs of customers. Become an excellent domestic steel plate manufacturer, serving customers all over the world.

Tunisia cutomer purchased around 1500 tons 304L,310S stainless steel plate from us and make tanks in August, 2017. The company was skilled in the design and manufacture of stainless steel tanks, A588 Grade K oil derricks used steel processing systems and equipment for the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and pure water industries. They also sent the inspection team come our company and visited our production line. After using our stainless steel plate, the customer was very satisfied with our products.

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