A588 Grade B corten steel properties carbon steel plate production line

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A588 Grade B corten steel properties carbon steel plate production line

In August 2011, the expanded license for the special equipment material manufacturing of A588 Grade B corten steel properties steel plates for heavy steel boilers and pressure vessels successfully passed the expert review and identification. At this point, the company has the qualification to produce steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels with a maximum thickness of 80 mm. Production continues to be at the leading domestic level. Our boiler steel plate has been widely used in the A588 Grade B corten steel properties manufacture of I, II, III pressure vessels and various pressure vessel reaction tanks.

A514 grade P alloy structural steel chemical composition (melting analysis)%
C: 0.12-0.21, Si: 0.20-0.35, Mn: 0.45-0.70, P max.: 0.035, S max.: 0.035, Ni: 1.20-1.50, Cr: 0.85-1.20, Mo: 0.45-0.6.0, B: 0.001-0.005
The mechanical properties in thickness (mm)T≤65
Yield strength (≥Mpa): 690
Tensile strength (Mpa):760-895
Elongation in ≥,%: 18

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