A588 Grade A yield strength and AH36 steel plate stock 1000tons

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A588 Grade A yield strength and AH36 steel plate stock 1000tons

A572-50 steel I-beam is widely used in construction and architectural applications because it can provide more strength unit weight. The low content of niobium, vanadium and other alloy elements optimize its strength and atmospheric corrosion performance. Because of its high strength of 50000 Ksi yield strength, A588 Grade A yield strength a572-50 steel I-section steel is more and more replacing ordinary carbon steel beams such as A36, and A36 section steel needs to be thickened to meet the strength requirements. A588 Grade A yield strength ASTM 572 steel I can be used in other grades, such as 42, 55 and 60.

A588 Grade A yield strength, Q460D quenched and tempered steel plate spot specification: 6*2000*8500, 6*2000*10800, 45*1550*4900, 16*2000*9700, 14*1950*7030, 22.23*2181*12200, 28*2010*7300, 23.83*2179*5000, 19*2500*6000, 23.83*2179*5000, 28.58*2171*12300, 28.5*2340*12150, 28.58*2171*11500, 28.58*2171*10800, 22.23*2150*12200, 28.5*2000*12150, 28.58*2172*11500, 28.58*2172*10800, 28.58*2172*12100, 25.4*2298*13000 (mm).

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