S355J2W weather resistant steel The company brand is trustworthy

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S355J2W weather resistant steel The company brand is trustworthy

For employees' development,  the company's transformation and development provides employees with a broad career development platform. The company needs "lion-type" entrepreneurial leaders who are full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and dare to self-renovate. They also need a large number of professional and professional high-quality talents, and employees can get full capacity to display opportunities.

The mechanical properties of 20MnV steel are as follows: tensile strength 785 MPa, yield strength 590 MPa, elongation after fracture 10%, reduction of area 40%, impact absorption energy 55 J. S355J2W weather resistant steel, 20MnV steel has good properties, good strength, toughness and plasticity, good hardenability and machinability. After carburizing, 20MnV steel can be directly quenched without secondary quenching to improve the core structure. The weldability of 20MnV steel is good, but there is temper brittleness at 300-360 ℃ during heat treatment.

We have transportation department and shipping department to coordinate logistics and delivery. Seamless connection between inland transportation and sea transportation ensures smooth delivery, saves transportation time and delivers goods in the first time. During the sea transportation, we will update the freight progress for customers on a regular basis, so as to facilitate the tracking of customers and make preparations for receiving goods leisurely and timely.

In the welding process, effectively preventing the stress and deformation of the component during the welding process is the key to ensuring the welding quality of the wear-resistant steel plate. In the welding process, after spot welding each part according to the position of the drawing, ensure that the size is consistent with the drawing. The welding method of symmetrical multi-layer multi-pass welding is adopted to ensure the appropriate welding process parameters, which can effectively prevent the welding deformation of the S355J2W weather resistant steel, wear-resistant steel plate.

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