What is the BBN SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture application

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What is the BBN SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture application

When talking about our team, it is hard not to mention our QC department (Quality Control). We have built strict qualitycontrol system to guarantee the steel quality. During the steel materials production, we have strict monitoring measures and indicators, and ensure no chemical composition, mechnical properties and so on technical problems for the steel materials SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture. After production, our QC department will conduct another inspection regarding to the steel quantity, dimension, mark and so on points before delivery.

According to the type of production, boiler tubes can be divided into seamless steel tubes and welded steel tubes. Boiler tubes are mainly used in pipelines, heating equipment, machinery industry, petroleum geological exploration, chemical industry and other fields. Because of the special purpose of the boiler tubes, the technical parameter requirements of the SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture, boiler tubes are also different. Generally speaking, boiler tubes must have pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation and corrosion resistance, and high tensile strength.

Penetration testing technology is only suitable for detecting surface defects. It uses penetrant to apply on the surface of the SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture steel plate, then wipes the excess penetrant with the cleaning solution, and then smears the developer. The penetrant remaining in the defect is adsorbed by the developing material, so as to observe the shape of the defect and determine the type of defect. This SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture method requires multiple wipes before and after the inspection, the process is more cumbersome, and can not detect internal defects and rough and dirty steel plates.

In October, 2018, our Malaysia customer purchased 600 Tons CCS-AH36 Ship Building Steel Plates to use in their shipbuilding project .This customer is a famous shipyard in Malaysia. Their company has the business scope of tourism, SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture shipbuilding, transportation and so on. As a terminal manufacturer, they have strict requirements on quality . After visiting our factory, the customer are very satisfied with the quality of this batch of SPA-H rusty steel for sculpture CCS-AH36 Ship Building Steel Plates.

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