EN 10155 equivalent materials electric stove

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EN 10155 equivalent materials electric stove

The Indonesia INKA is the only train carriage maker for railway industry in Indonesia. We cooperated with them since 2012 and supply them SPA-H steel. The SPA-H steel is used by them to fabricate train carriage. We have huge stocks for SPA-H steel and can arrange delivery for them in short time after receiving order. Meanwhile, our product EN 10155 equivalent materials quality has passed their test for so many times use. Therefore, they trust us and give us repeat orders regularly. And we also do our best to support them and have never let them down though past cooperations.

India began to implement the national blockade measures on March 25. After two extensions, the national blockade measures have been implemented for nearly 50 days, which has a huge impact on the EN 10155 equivalent materials economy. To that end, modi said in a televised speech on the evening of the 12th that India will launch a total of 20 trillion Indian rupees one point eight eight Trillion yuan).

China's widest bar heating furnace was completed and put into production! During the construction of the heating furnace, the technical experts of Shiheng Special Steel and the technical experts of MCC Southern Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. demonstrated and designed the bar heating furnace with the widest furnace width, the longest billet and the largest output in China. The heating furnace adopts a number of green and intelligent technologies: the wave-shaped roof design is adopted to strengthen the radiation heat exchange in the furnace and improve the heating efficiency.

Welded steel pipes are made by crimping steel plates, bending them into a circle, and then welding the joints together. Seamless steel pipe is directly processed by round steel piercing or hot rolling process, so there is no weld on the outer surface. The performance of seamless steel pipe is better than that of welded steel pipe, and the price of seamless steel pipe is also higher. There are some differences in chemical composition between EN 10155 equivalent materials, welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. The material of welded steel pipe contains the chemical composition suitable for welding.

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