09CuPCrNi-B weathering steel standard plate thickness

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09CuPCrNi-B weathering steel standard plate thickness

The company has a group of experienced steel plate continuous processing line construction, production management, operation and professional and technical personnel. The company is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production processing, sales and service. Our main products include hot rolled plates, seamless pipes, 09CuPCrNi-B weathering steel and steel structures. At the same time, it also adheres to international standards and adheres to the international line.

Converter steelmaking: The furnace body of the converter can be rotated, and the steel plate is used as the outer shell, and the refractory is used as the inner lining. Converter 09CuPCrNi-B weathering steel steelmaking does not require additional heating, because the molten iron is inherently high temperature, and it still continues to generate thermal oxidation reactions (from silicon, carbon and oxygen in molten iron).Because no more fuel is needed for heating, energy consumption is reduced.

Cold-forming automobile structural steel S650MC chemical composition (melting analysis)%
C: ≤0.12, Si: ≤0.60, Mn: ≤2.00, P: ≤0.025, S: ≤0.015, Al: ≥0.015, Nb: ≤0.09, V: ≤0.20, Ti: ≤0.25, Mo: ≤0.50, B: ≤0.005
The mechanical properties
Yield strength: ≥650 MPa
Tensile strength: 700-880 MPa
Elongation: ≥10%

Integrity, cooperation and innovation, positive and competitive, healthy and abundant are the company's core values. The company 09CuPCrNi-B weathering steel always adhere to the "people-oriented", pay attention to improve the production skills and cultural quality of employees, by cultivating employees to carry forward excellent cultural traditions, set up the correct values, ethics and codes of conduct to improve employees' loyalty and work enthusiasm.

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