Low alloy steel SPA-C steel for railway rolling stock propety

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Low alloy steel SPA-C steel for railway rolling stock propety

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Forging method is to use forging hammer, precision forging machine, fast forging machine or hydraulic press to forge ingot into steel, billet or forging blank. Forging is the earliest SPA-C steel for railway rolling stock processing method. Forging is divided into free forging and model forging. Forging method can obtain the finished steel with better mechanical properties and shapes that are not easy or impossible to obtain SPA-C steel for railway rolling stock by rolling method.

Shipbuilding steel SPA-C steel for railway rolling stock order online:14*1950*10700, 14*1950*10800, 16*2100*10650, 16*2150*10000, 16*2150*10250, 16*2150*10350, 16*2150*10400, 20*2100*11600, 20*2150*10000, 25*1950*10150, 25*1950*9700, 25*2100*8400, 25*2100*8650, 25*2400*11600, 32*2500*6000, 34*1900*12000, 34*1300*4000, 35*2500*9000, 70*2240*7600, 70*2270*7470, 70*2270*7900, 85*2230*8100.

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