3 3/4 inch plate Q295NH corrosion resistant steel sheet stock

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3 3/4 inch plate Q295NH corrosion resistant steel sheet stock

P355NL1 steel tensile strength Rm:630-450MPa.If high demands are made on notch impact strength and aging resistance. It is mainly used in steam boiler and pressure vessel construction. Q295NH corrosion resistant steel sheet, P355NL1 plates can be processed with all known welding methods. Welding is possible both with the machine and by hand. Preheating is usually not necessary unless the outside temperature is below 5°C. Then preheating to about 150°C is recommended.

Mild steel plate product Q295NH corrosion resistant steel sheet stock: 6*3120*5400, 6.5*1600*6000, 10*2900*9500, 7*2800*7200, 9*2400*8000, 7*2800*7000, 6*2850*4900, 10*2000*9870, 9*2000*7960, 6*1500*12000, 11*3100*9600, 7*3010*5550, 6*3320*6000, 12*1300*4000, 11*1720*4000, 11*1910*13350, 11*1510*6800, 6*3170*4700, 12*2660*5800, 11*1750*7270, 11*3000*9230, 11*1690*7500, 6.5*2750*12000, 11*2150*7740, 11*1750*7280, 11*3100*9400, 11*1750*7000.

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