2 inch plate SPA-C corrosion resistant railway steel stock

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2 inch plate SPA-C corrosion resistant railway steel stock

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How much a ton of alloy plates costs depends on the classification of alloy plates. Different alloy plates contain different elements, such as low-alloy steel (the total amount of alloy elements is less than 5%), medium alloy steel (the total amount of alloy elements is 5% - 10%), and high alloy steel (the total amount of alloy elements is more than 10%). If the alloy plates performance is different, the price will be different. The thickness of the alloy plates also affects the price. Besides, SPA-C corrosion resistant railway steel, alloy plates price is related to the steel market. With the rise of steel raw materials, the purchase cost will be high and the overall price will be high.

Steel can be divided into ordinary steel and special steel, which is an important symbol of a country's steel production level. The special steel includes spring steel, round steel, die steel, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, bearing steel and so on. Compared with ordinary steel, the SPA-C corrosion resistant railway steel special steel has better physical properties, higher strength, stronger compressive strength and better accuracy. At the same time, the special steel has better chemical properties, such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

In April 2018, our Philiphine customer purchased 1008 Tons API5L Gr.B ERW&Q345B SMLS pipe for offshore oil field resources drilling project. This is a regular demand almost two month, and we has been cooperated more than three times, totally around 2100 tons steel pipe since 2015 year.

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