1 3/4 inch plate 09CuPCrNi-A coil mill

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1 3/4 inch plate 09CuPCrNi-A coil mill

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14Cr1MoR steel plate is suitable for petrochemical, nuclear power, steam turbine cylinder block, thermal power and other high-temperature and high-pressure large-scale equipment that is connected to hydrogen or hydrogen mixed media.
Chemical element composition of 09CuPCrNi-A coil container plate:
C: 0.05%-0.17%
Si: 0.50%-0.80%
Mn: 0.40%-0.65%
P: 0.010%-0.012%
Cr: 1%-1.5%
Mo: 0.45%-0.65%
Ni: 0.20%-0.25%

35# steel is a high-quality medium carbon carbon structural steel, with good plasticity and appropriate strength, good process performance, and acceptable welding performance. It 09CuPCrNi-A coil is often delivered in normalized and tempered state. 35 # steel is widely used in the manufacture of various forged and hot-pressed parts, cold-drawn and 09CuPCrNi-A coil upset forged steel, seamless steel tubes, and parts in machinery manufacturing.

In December of 2015, our regular India customer sent us an inquiry for 09CuPCrNi-A coil pipe. The inquiry requires no negative tolerance in both pipes’ outer diameter and pipe wall. After two weeks’ discussion, he put the order of 275 tons to us. The pipes are finished within just one month. Our customer come to our factory to inspect the quality and tolerance, all the products are well meet his demand. The pipes are arriving to Nhava Sheva port, customer is very happy with our products and service during the process.

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