1200 * 3500mm size SMA400AW hot-rolled angle steel bars with low price

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1200 * 3500mm size SMA400AW hot-rolled angle steel bars with low price

From the perspective of market conditions, today SMA400AW hot-rolled angle steel bars spot prices are operating smoothly, futures are volatile, and market acceptance is average. Merchants have a wait-and-see attitude. Low-price transactions are average, while high-price transactions are poor. Most merchants have daily transactions of 200-300 tons. between. For the market outlook, most merchants adopt the mode of selling more and lowering the warehouse, and are cautious about the later market.

Weather resistant steel sheet is a low-alloy high-strength steel that adds a small amount of alloying elements to ordinary steel to make it have good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. This kind of material has a higher atmospheric corrosion resistance than ordinary carbon steel. SMA400AW hot-rolled angle steel bars, Weather resistant steel sheet and plate is widely used in manufacturing industries such as containers, bridges, automobiles, railway vehicles, and construction abroad.

Ningbo port has trade and transportation with more than 50 countries and regions, such as the United States, CIS countries, Europe, Africa, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Ningbo port has initially formed an all-round three-dimensional collection and distribution network of expressways, railways, aviation, river sea intermodal transport, water to water transfer, etc.

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