SMA400AP hot rolled steel bar BBNsteel's first mixed-use reform project was launched

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SMA400AP hot rolled steel bar BBNsteel's first mixed-use reform project was launched

The quality inspection department is responsible for the inspection management of raw materials and finished products, and the quality inspection and acceptance of products and raw materials. Strictly abide by the company's management system, conscientiously exercise the management power given by the company, and put an end to all ultra vires; be responsible for the inspection of all kinds of raw materials entering the company, and put forward quality problems and handling opinions.

Stainless steel plate is a general term for stainless steel plate and acid-resistant steel plate, and is a steel plate with good corrosion resistance and rust resistance on the surface. The surface of SMA400AP hot rolled steel bar, stainless steel plate is very smooth and clean. It has high toughness, plasticity, and is not easy to be corroded and rusted. Stainless steel plate has corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. Stainless steel is durable, can be stored outdoors for a long time, and will not be damaged in bad weather. Stainless steel plate is not easy to rust, but it is not absolutely not rusty.

In the process of SMA400AP hot rolled steel bar steel transportation, enterprises often use railway transportation, highway transportation, water transportation and other ways to transport. According to the cargo owner's requirements on the timeliness of the goods and the different transportation routes, our company will choose SMA400AP hot rolled steel bar different modes of transportation. According to the specific needs of customers, or specify the mode of transportation.

WTST 37-3 steel plate is a kind of carbon steel plate. WTST 37-3 steel plate can be used to build low temperature sea water resistant containers. When the customer orders SMA400AP hot rolled steel bar WTST 37-3 steel plate from us, our factory should roll it in full accordance with SEW 087-2 specification, and the factory will issue the original mill test certificate for inspection before delivery.

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