2 inch SMA400AW bridge weathering steel heavy plate spot

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2 inch SMA400AW bridge weathering steel heavy plate spot

SMA400AW bridge weathering steel product plate specification range: Thickness 3-150mm Width 1500-4020mm Length 4000mm-17000mm Heat treatment: annealing, or normalizing and tempering

Steel cutting treatment BBN STEEL can cut various machine tool side plates, special-shaped parts, flanges, bearing seats, embedded parts and other supporting materials for various mechanical engineering, pressure vessels and other supporting materials according to customer drawings, and undertake all kinds of steel plate processing services. High-strength low-alloy plate series, normal carbon plate series, die steel series, boiler and pressure vessel steel, SMA400AW bridge weathering steel, pipeline steel, wind power steel, wear-resistant steel and other high-end steel plates.

Hydrogen (H) is the most harmful element in general steel such as SMA400AW bridge weathering steel. Hydrogen dissolved in steel will cause hydrogen embrittlement, white spots and other defects. Hydrogen, like oxygen and nitrogen, has very little solubility in solid steel. It dissolves into liquid steel at high temperature, and accumulates in the structure without time to escape when cooling, forming high-pressure micro pores, which greatly reduce the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of steel, and even cause cracks and brittle fracture in severe cases. "Hydrogen embrittlement" mainly occurs in martensitic steel, but not very prominent in ferrite steel, and generally increases with hardness and carbon content.

Mechanical Properties A242 steel:ASTM A242 specification is made for low alloy steel with high strength, it has good atmospheric corrosion resistance, some applications has shown that it has better corrosion resistance than ASTM A36 steel and ASTM A572 Grade 50.Tensile: 70 ksi min (3/4 and under), 67 ksi min (3/4-1.5) 63 ksi min (over 1.5-4)Yield: 50 ksi min (3/4 and under), 46 ksi min (3/4-1.5) 42 ksi min (over 1.5-4)Elongation: 16% min in 8" 19% min in 2" (for plates wider than 24")

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