What are the precautions in the cutting of hardness of SMA490CW corten steel sheet

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What are the precautions in the cutting of hardness of SMA490CW corten steel sheet

The secondary quenching and low temperature tempering of wear resistant composite plate are mainly used for high alloy steel workpieces without mechanical processing after carburizing. Carburizing, high-temperature tempering, one-time heating quenching, low-temperature tempering, quenching temperature 840-860℃, mainly used for Cr Ni alloy carburizing workpiece. The second quenching and low-temperature tempering of wear-resistant composite plate, hardness of SMA490CW corten steel sheet mainly improves the microstructure of the infiltrated layer. When the requirements for core properties are not high, quenching can be performed between AC1 and AC3, and when the requirements for core properties are high, it should be quenched above AC3.

Carbon steel is easy to be forged and processed into other products. Alloy steel and other steel products require too much investment for later processing equipment, and the processing is relatively cumbersome. In addition, the use of carbon steel has a long history, and people have rich experience to operate carbon steel, hardness of SMA490CW corten steel sheet. It is more handy for the operation and processing of carbon steel. In addition, carbon steel has a wide range of adaptability, from the sea to the land. No matter high temperature or severe cold, the stability of carbon steel is always very reliable.

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