Weldable S355J2WP seaport buildings used steel Plate

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Weldable S355J2WP seaport buildings used steel Plate

For stainless steel plate cutting, the choice of cutting method is determined by the thickness of steel plate. If the thickness of S355J2WP seaport buildings used steel stainless steel plate is more than 20 mm, flame cutting is adopted, while the thin plate is suitable for plasma cutting. In addition, if the cutting requirements are relatively high, laser cutting can be used. In addition, if the S355J2WP seaport buildings used steel stainless steel plate is used as a billboard, plasma cutting is adopted, Because it uses thin plates.

S355J2WP seaport buildings used steel, 45# steel is carbon steel, belonging to high strength medium carbon quenched and tempered steel, with carbon content of 0.45%, so it is called 45# steel. 45# steel does not contain specially included alloy elements. S355J2WP seaport buildings used steel, 45# steel is one of the most widely used high-quality structural steel. 45# steel is suitable for manufacturing high strength moving parts, such as air compressor, piston of pump, impeller of steam turbine, rolling shaft, connecting rod, worm, rack, gear and pin in heavy and general machinery.

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