Three common cutting methods of EN 10025-5 S355K2W steel equivalent astm cutting

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Three common cutting methods of EN 10025-5 S355K2W steel equivalent astm cutting

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The steel plates for SA302GrC boilers must withstand different pressures and strengths due to the manufactured containers. Generally, the normal pressure is 314MPa or higher, and the working temperature is often between -20°C and 450°C. According to the working conditions and processing requirements of the vessel, the steel plate must have good cold bending and welding performance, good plasticity and toughness, and high temperature short-term strength or long-term strength performance.

EN 10025-5 S355K2W steel equivalent astm Weldability refers to the performance of the weld joint with the expected quality requirements obtained by common welding methods under specific structure and process conditions. Weldability is generally judged by the crack sensitivity and the change of mechanical properties of weld zone. The ability of steel materials to withstand bending without cracking at room temperature is called cold bending. The greater the bending capacity before crack, the better the cold bending performance of the steel material.

Mechanical Properties A242 steel:
ASTM A242 specification is made for low alloy steel with high strength, it has good atmospheric corrosion resistance, some applications has shown that it has better corrosion resistance than ASTM A36 steel and ASTM A572 Grade 50.
Tensile: 70 ksi min (3/4 and under), 67 ksi min (3/4-1.5) 63 ksi min (over 1.5-4)
Yield: 50 ksi min (3/4 and under), 46 ksi min (3/4-1.5) 42 ksi min (over 1.5-4)
Elongation: 16% min in 8” 19% min in 2” (for plates wider than 24”)

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