The production process of JIS G3125 hot rolled steel

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The production process of JIS G3125 hot rolled steel

BEBON is a large steel group with finance department, production department, sales team, technical department, quality control department, logistics department and after-sales service team. We are committed to creating a various culture system with its own characteristics, and work hard to create a first-class steel plate company in China. Based on the business philosophy of quality-oriented and strengthened management, the company continues to develop in this industry.

40CrNiMoA alloy steel material
Grade 40CrNiMoA
Standard: GB/T 3077-2015
Advantages: hardenability and stability against overheating
Application: shafts, gears, fasteners, etc.
Raw materials: carbon, silicon, manganese, etc.

Laser cutting, it is a specific way of cutting JIS G3125 hot rolled steel steel plate cutting processing, is also one of the common way of cutting its on the cutting or machining parameters, if you want to get the right number, is that you can adjust these parameters to achieve a goal, adjust a few times more to get accurate numerical right in addition, we also need to know is, the faster the cutting JIS G3125 hot rolled steel speed, the light intensity is smaller, so, the smaller the laser penetration is, in turn, can control the penetration depth of laser.

Difference between Q235A steel and Q235B steel plates: in the national standard GB700, the difference between JIS G3125 hot rolled steel, Q235A steel and Q235B steel plates is mainly in the carbon content. In addition, Q235A steel plate does not do impact test, while Q235B Q235B steel plates need normal temperature impact test, V-notch. Relatively speaking, the mechanical properties of Q235B steel plates are better than that of Q235A steel plate.

The company adheres to the needs of customers, adheres to win-win integrity, and relies on scientific and technological innovation to continue to improve the level of logistics equipment technology and information technology, and enhance the logistics technology research and development and innovation capabilities. Based on market demand and innovation as the driving force for development, the company actively expands the field of logistics services, accelerates the extension of the logistics industry chain, and scientifically advances the diversification of the logistics industry.

If you are in the search of best quality of JIS G3125 hot rolled steel structural steel plate then you have landed on the right place. These high quality structural steel plates are used for a long time as they have a long life due to their best and advance manufacturing techniques. These JIS G3125 hot rolled steel plates are best and ideal for temperature rise work, high pressure and tank fabrication work where accurate & excellent toughness is required for better results. Welcome to our factory. We supply our products to all the leading industries and customers who are satisfied with our production and quality.

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