The manufacturing process of SMA490CP hot-rolled plate

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The manufacturing process of SMA490CP hot-rolled plate

Good impact resistance. Wear resistant composite steel plate uses low carbon steel or low alloy, stainless steel and other toughness as the base material. The SMA490CP hot-rolled plate metal material not only has good wear resistance, but also can withstand the impact and wear of falling from high to low in the transportation process. It has good heat resistance. Vanadium, molybdenum and other SMA490CP hot-rolled plate alloy materials are added into the alloy wear-resistant layer during the manufacturing process, so it can be used and worn at high temperature ≤ 800 ℃. Compared with ordinary SMA490CP hot-rolled plate carbon steel substrate, it can only be used below 380 ℃, while low alloy heat-resistant steel plate can work below 540 ℃. This shows how high the heat resistance coefficient of wear-resistant steel plate is. Good corrosion resistance.

The correct choice of billet type, section shape, size and weight are of great significance to SMA490CP hot-rolled plate steel rolling production. Steel rolling production has certain technical requirements for raw materials, such as steel type, section shape, size, weight, and surface quality. The consideration of these technical requirements is necessary to ensure the quality of steel. It should also be specifically considered when determining and selecting the blank. The SMA490CP hot-rolled plate rolling method can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling according to the rolling temperature.

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