The manufacturing process of SMA490AW weather resistant steel flat bar

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The manufacturing process of SMA490AW weather resistant steel flat bar

The SMA490AW weather resistant steel flat bar, wear-resistant steel plate has good impact properties:
The wear-resistant steel plate has a double-layer metal structure. The wear-resistant layer and the base material are metallurgically bonded. It has high bonding strength and can absorb energy in the process of impact. The wear-resistant layer will not fall off. The wear-resistant steel plate can be applied to the working conditions with strong vibration and impact, which is better than cast wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials.

Machining of SMA490AW weather resistant steel flat bar, wear resistant steel plate: wear resistant steel plate has good cutting and shearing properties. During machining, the cutting tools and feeding speed should be used reasonably according to the hardness of steel plate. Common tools are made of high speed steel or cemented carbide steel, and carbide surface tools are required for grinding. Wear resistant steel plate can be welded to structural steel by arc welding.

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