S355J2W, S355J0WP steel coil chemical composition and properties

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S355J2W, S355J0WP steel coil chemical composition and properties

S355J2W, S355J0WP steel coil, Wear-resistant steel plate has good connection performance:
The base material of the wear-resistant steel plate is ordinary Q235 steel plate, which ensures the toughness and plasticity of the wear-resistant steel plate, and provides strength against external forces. Wear-resistant steel plate can be connected with other structures by various methods such as welding, plug welding, and bolt connection. The connection is firm, not easy to fall off, and the connection mode is more rich than other materials.

Normalizing is to heat the steel parts to 30~80℃above the critical temperature for a period of time. Then the parts are taken out of the furnace and cooled in air. Since the cooling rate of normalizing is faster than that of annealing, the strength and hardness of normalized S355J2W, S355J0WP steel coil are higher than that of annealed S355J2W, S355J0WP steel coil, but the elimination of internal stress is not as good as annealing. The normalizing operation of S355J2W, S355J0WP steel coil is simple, the cost is low, the productivity is high, and it is widely used in actual production.

Safety production is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development. The company established a safety management network, which achieved clear powers and responsibilities, clear responsibilities, effective management and control, and provided organizational guarantee for safe production. The company strictly complies with the "Environmental Protection Law", establishes an effective environmental protection emission control system and waste gas, waste water, waste solid recycling system, and makes great efforts to harden, lighten, green, and beautify the plant, and strive to build green steel enterprises.

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