Rolling technology of SMA400CW weather resistant steel material

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Rolling technology of SMA400CW weather resistant steel material

After twenty years of efforts, the company has completed the steel plates production process and complete testing equipment from smelting, rolling, drawing, heat treatment to SMA400CW weather resistant steel material full material. Large-scale production, intensive, and unremitting research and development and innovation make our products maintain long-term vitality. In early 2008, the company established the Ministry of foreign trade, and our SMA400CW weather resistant steel material steel plate products are now exported to the South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

S355NL normalized steel has different impact energy requirement for impact tests at different temperature environment. S355NL plate shall be done impacting test in longitudinal direction under -50℃ with the minimum energy 27J. When customers request done charpy_V notch test under -20℃,then the impacting energy shall be above 47J. For the transverse direction,the engery shall be above 16J under the temperature -50℃. The SMA400CW weather resistant steel material, steel Grade S355NL making process shall according to EN10025-1.

The company has a group of mature steel plate production and processing line construction and production management experience. In addition, the company has professional and technical personnel. BBN steel is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production processing, sales and service. The company now has finance department, production department, sales team, technical department, quality control department, logistics department and after-sales service team. At the same time, it also adheres to international standards and adheres to the international line.

When providing technical services on site, the after-sales personnel shall strictly abide by the safety rules and regulations of the construction site, consciously take safety protection measures (such as wearing safety helmet when entering the construction site), accept the supervision and management of the site; without permission on the construction site, they shall not dismantle, smear or damage any goods; the commissioning of contract goods shall be carried out under the supervision of the site supervisor If necessary, it shall be approved by the site supervisor or the person in charge of the project department.

Group consciousness is an important psychological factor for the formation of enterprise internal cohesion. The formation of SMA400CW weather resistant steel material enterprise group consciousness makes every employee of the enterprise regard their work and behavior as an integral part of the realization of enterprise goals, make them feel proud of themselves as a member of the enterprise, have a sense of honor for the achievements of the enterprise, and thus regard the SMA400CW weather resistant steel material enterprise as the community and belonging of their own interests.

For ASTM A573 Grade 70/A573 Gr.70 carbon manganese silicon steel plates, our company would issue the original mill test certificate SMA400CW weather resistant steel material EN 10204 3.1 for clients when arrange delivery, so that clients can trace the A573 Gr.70 plates origin easily.

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