Rolling process of Q355NH high-speed project steel

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Rolling process of Q355NH high-speed project steel

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Can Q355NH high-speed project steel, 40Cr material be replaced with 40MnB steel? 40MnB steel is used to manufacture small and medium-sized important quenched and tempered parts in tractors, automobiles and other general machinery and equipment, such as automobile half shafts, steering shafts, spline shafts, worms and machine tool spindles, gear shafts, etc. 40MnB steel can replace 40Cr material to make parts with larger cross-sections, such as the middle shaft of a hoist. And 40MnB steel can replace 40CrNi steel when making small-sized parts.

The advantage of hot-rolled stainless steel plate is that it can eliminate the damage caused by Q355NH high-speed project steel metal structure in the process of ingot casting to a certain extent, eliminate some tiny defects in the structure, refine the grains of stainless steel material, promote the structure of steel closer, and improve the performance of the material as a whole. This kind of lifting is mainly manifested in the rolling direction, which can make the Q355NH high-speed project steel steel no longer isotropic to some extent, and some defects such as bubbles, cracks and looseness formed during pouring can be eliminated under high temperature or high pressure.

Medium plate Q355NH high-speed project steel products size: 5.5*2250*11550, 5*2200*10100, 5*1500*4500, 6*1750*13000, 5*2700*12050, 5*2700*12050, 6*1800*5500, 6*1550*6000, 9*2000*6000, 5.5*2600*10100, 5*2500*11000, 7*1800*10450, 6*3080*6000, 9*2000*9000, 5.5*2600*11850, 6*3320*5000, 9*1760*7800, 6*3370*4100, 9*2400*9800, 7*1970*7050, 6*3240*5400, 9*1800*10000, 6*3380*4800, 7*2120*6400 and 9*2400*8500.

If you have any requirements for the mode of transportation of the Q355NH high-speed project steel goods, we can also negotiate and meet your requirements. For logistics, first of all, we respect customers' opinions, and then choose the most convenient port and transportation mode with appropriate price for customers.

Our steel products are widely used in petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation, mining, and other industries. The products Q355NH high-speed project steel are sold in more than 20 provinces, cities and all over the world. The company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced production technology, perfect testing methods, and high-quality products.

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