Machining Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil Hot Rolled Steel

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Machining Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil Hot Rolled Steel

In actual processing applications, the processing Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil thickness of flame cutting ranges from 6 to 200 mm, and the Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil cutting thickness can even reach 350 mm by replacing the air pipe and cutting torch nozzle. In order to better improve the cutting quality, the related process parameters will be slightly different when using flame cutting for materials of different thickness. The verticality of the cutting surface processed by the CNC flame cutting machine is generally high, and the slope can be controlled below 2-3°. The characteristic is that flame cutting performs better when cutting Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil with a certain thickness above 10mm.

Product Name:
Grade: SS400, Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil
Item:Hot Rolled Medium and Tensile Structural Steel
Width: 1000mm-4500mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm

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For ASTM A573 Grade 70/A573 Gr.70 carbon manganese silicon steel plates, our company would issue the original mill test certificate Q355NH, Q500NH, Q550NH steel coil EN 10204 3.1 for clients when arrange delivery, so that clients can trace the A573 Gr.70 plates origin easily.

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