How can we reduce the cost of a242 type 1 weathering bridge steel beam flame cutting

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How can we reduce the cost of a242 type 1 weathering bridge steel beam flame cutting

The company's sales department has a professional team, they have professional steel knowledge, respond quickly, with the problems raised by customers can quickly give solutions, put the interests of customers first. With their own professional knowledge to provide customers with high-quality steel plate in line with the requirements. At the same time, in terms of price, we also have great advantages. Members of the business department make sure that the delivery time is short and the service is the best.

30CrMnSiA steel is a grade of alloy structural steel. The steel has high strength and poor welding performance. It is a high-strength quenched and tempered structural steel with high strength and sufficient toughness after quenching and tempering, and good hardenability. It has good workability, small processing deformation and good fatigue resistance. 30CrMnSiA steel is mostly used to manufacture various important parts with high load and high speed.

The advantages of flame cutting are simple cutting and low cost. The disadvantage of flame cutting is that when cutting thin plates, cutting deformation problems are prone to occur, and the materials that can be cut have certain limitations. The advantage of CNC cutting is that it can cut a242 type 1 weathering bridge steel beam and any complex parts with high cutting accuracy. The disadvantage of CNC cutting is that there are certain operational and technical requirements.

Hot selling MS mild steel product a242 type 1 weathering bridge steel beam online: 12*2490*5800, 14*1870*5100, 12*2240*4000, 13.5*1760*7600, 11*2400*8740, 12.5*1970*7700, 14*2200*12000, 11.5*1800*10000, 13*1460*5000, 14*3000*4500, 13*2200*8000, 14.5*1800*6000, 12.5*2070*6250, 13*3010*9650, 14.5*2050*9000, 14*1510*7300, 15*1560*4750, 12.5*2150*10200, 13.5*2550*4500, 15.5*2900*11000, 15*1300*5420, 15*1570*6000.

BBN company has implemented a resource strategy combining global resource procurement, domestic resource unified purchase, and joint purchase and distribution. It has maintained good relations of cooperation with more than 100 domestic and foreign steel mills, and can purchase low-quality and high-quality steel futures in all directions and through multiple channels. The company can grasp the specifications and quantities of the spot resources of major steel mills in real time, and can timely and quickly meet customer demand for steel spot resources.

For ASTM A573 Grade 70/A573 Gr.70 carbon manganese silicon steel plates, our company would issue the original mill test certificate a242 type 1 weathering bridge steel beam EN 10204 3.1 for clients when arrange delivery, so that clients can trace the A573 Gr.70 plates origin easily.

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