hot rolled S355J0WP container steel sizes

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hot rolled S355J0WP container steel sizes

The quality inspection department is responsible for the inspection management of raw materials and finished products, and the quality inspection and acceptance of products and raw materials. Strictly abide by the company's management system, conscientiously exercise the management power given by the company, and put an end to all ultra vires; be responsible for the inspection of all kinds of raw materials entering the company, and put forward quality problems and handling opinions.

Alloy structural steel specification
Steel: 15CrMo, S355J0WP container steel
Digital Code: A30152
Steel Group Series: CrMo
Implementation of the standards: GB / T3077-2015
15CrMo steel chemical composition
Carbon C: 0.12 ~ 0.18
Si Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37
Chromium Cr: 0.80 ~ 1.10
Ni Ni: ≤0.030
Copper Cu: ≤0.030
Mo Mo: 0.40 ~ 0.55
Manganese Mn: 0.40 ~ 0.70
Sulfur S: ≤0.035
Phosphorus P: ≤0.035

At present, the cutting thickness limit of laser cutting is 20 mm. However, it should be noted that oxygen will be added into the laser beam to cut 20 mm thick S355J0WP container steel steel plate, which will form a thin oxide film on the cutting surface, which may affect the cutting quality, Therefore, attention should be paid to this point to avoid problems.

The carbon content of S355J0WP container steel, medium carbon steel plate is 0.25% - 0.60%. In addition to carbon, it can also contain a small amount of manganese (0.70% - 1.20%). The medium carbon steel plate after quenching and tempering has good comprehensive mechanical properties. The highest hardness is about HRC55 (hb538) and σ B is 600-1100mpa.

Steel transportation because of the special material of S355J0WP container steel steel, is a metal with "iron" as the main basic element, small volume and large weight, and easy to oxidize and rust when contacting with air and rain water, so there are many precautions in the transportation of steel. There are 11 proverbs for steel transportation: "evenly placed, moisture-proof and rust proof". Our company chooses the logistics aspect to be very rigorous, takes the customer's request as the standard, guarantees the steel product quality.

It is a modern high-tech professional enterprise integrating scientific research, S355J0WP container steel production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of boiler and pressure vessel, chemical, metallurgical, petroleum and other equipment, as well as S355J0WP container steel process technology development, technology transfer and related technical consulting and technical services.

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