Heat treatment of 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms

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Heat treatment of 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms

08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms, Alloy plate is a steel plate with multiple uses because it has the following characteristics. First, better abrasion resistance. Alloy plate is more wear-resistant than ordinary steel plate. It does not scratch or wear, and has applications such as floor steel plate laying, steel plate wall and so on. Second, the alloy plate has higher strength. Third, the alloy plate is more resistant to high and low temperatures. Fourth, the alloy plate has outstanding corrosion resistance. As the steel laid on the ground, it must have good corrosion resistance. Because it will suffer from wind and rain for a long time, it must be very resistant, otherwise it will be damaged once it is corroded.

Welding is mainly used for manufacturing metal structure parts, and also for manufacturing machine parts. The welding connection performance is good, and it is convenient to weld 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms steel plates, profiles or castings and forgings according to the needs. At the same time, welding can also connect different shapes and sizes (plate thickness, pipe diameter) or even different materials, so as to reduce weight, save materials, optimize resources and other purposes. The welding structure has high rigidity, good integrity, and easy to ensure air tightness and water tightness, so it is especially suitable for 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms manufacturing hollow structures with high strength and large rigidity (such as pressure vessels, pipes, boilers, etc.).

The company's quality is first, the price is reasonable, the construction period is guaranteed, and the purpose of abiding by the contract, our steel 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms products have received high recognition from customers from the world. The company adheres to the operating principles of equality and mutual benefit and abides by the contract. We sincerely welcome you to visit us, negotiate business cooperation, enhance friendship, develop and expand trade.

It is a modern high-tech professional enterprise integrating scientific research, 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of boiler and pressure vessel, chemical, metallurgical, petroleum and other equipment, as well as 08CuPVRE steel for oil production platforms process technology development, technology transfer and related technical consulting and technical services.

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