Flame cutting of EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel

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Flame cutting of EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel

The location weld of EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel, wear-resistant steel plate is only allowed to be welded on the base metal surface with the electric welding rod for welding the base metal; in the welding of the base course, the base weld shall be strictly prevented from melting to the transition layer or even the multiple layer weld of stainless steel, so as to prevent a small amount of high chromium and high nickel surfacing wear-resistant steel plate components diluted into the carbon steel weld to form martensite structure and harden.

ASTM A242 is a kind of high strength low alloy steel with good atmospheric corrosion resistance. Some applications show that it EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel has better corrosion resistance than ASTM A36 steel plate and ASTM a572 50 steel plate. Like weathering steel, it can be used without painting, and corrosion naturally stops and becomes a protective layer.

The company has a group of mature steel plate production and processing line construction and production management experience. In addition, the company has professional and technical personnel. BBN steel is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production processing, sales and service. The company now has finance department, production department, sales team, technical department, quality control department, logistics department and after-sales service team. At the same time, it also adheres to international standards and adheres to the international line.

Through the operation and management, brand advantage and improve pre-sales, sale of after-sales service, the efforts of the company into the industry leading enterprises.Relying on perfect quality management system, it has built up competition predominance and provided high quality, favorable price and perfect after service for customers.

Group consciousness is an important psychological factor for the formation of enterprise internal cohesion. The formation of EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel enterprise group consciousness makes every employee of the enterprise regard their work and behavior as an integral part of the realization of enterprise goals, make them feel proud of themselves as a member of the enterprise, have a sense of honor for the achievements of the enterprise, and thus regard the EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel enterprise as the community and belonging of their own interests.

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