Welding performance of EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel

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Welding performance of EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel

Q355NH material has a protective rust layer that resists atmospheric corrosion and can be used to manufacture low-alloy structural steels for steel structures such as vehicles, bridges, towers, containers, etc. It can also be used to manufacture structural parts such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, seaport buildings, oil production platforms, and containers containing hydrogen sulfide corrosive media in chemical and petroleum equipment.

In 2019, the output of pig iron in the world was 1.265 billion tons, with China accounting for 64%; the overseas output accounted for 36% (460 million tons), ranking 86.982 million tons of EU 28 countries, 74.907 million tons of Japan, 74.099 million tons of India, 73.264 million tons of CIS, and EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel 47.521 million tons of South Korea.

According to a report by yonhap news agency on April 26, under the impact of COVID - 19 epidemic, the steel industry chain was also affected. Hyundai lost 29.7 billion won. According to the report, the automobile and other downstream steel industry production stoppage directly led to a precipita-like decline in steel demand, is the main reason for the decline in steel enterprise performance of the main reason for hyundai said, hyundai kia motor production extension, by the end of April is expected to reduce production of 500,000 vehicles, as a result, EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel, automotive steel demand will be reduced by 300,000 tons.

Normalizing is a heat treatment that improves the toughness of steel. After the steel components are heated to 30-50°C above the Ac3 temperature, they are kept for a period of time and then air cooled. The main feature is that the cooling rate is faster than annealing but lower than quenching. During normalizing, the crystal grains of the steel EN 10025-5 S235J0W, S235J2W corten steel can be refined in a slightly faster cooling. Not only can satisfactory strength be obtained, but also the toughness (AKV value) can be significantly improved and reduced The tendency of the component to crack.

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