Effect of grain size on yield strength ratio of S355K2W railway vehicles steel

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Effect of grain size on yield strength ratio of S355K2W railway vehicles steel

There are many kinds of heat treatment processes for wear-resistant composite plate, S355K2W railway vehicles steel, and they are applicable to different ranges. For example, direct quenching and low-temperature tempering can not refine the grain size of steel, the quenching deformation of workpiece is large, and the surface residual austenite volume of carburized parts of hardfacing wear-resistant composite plate is more, and the surface hardness is lower. It is suitable for gas carburizing and liquid carburizing.

Design of smelting composition and smelting process of SN400A, SN400B, SN400C steel, S355K2W railway vehicles steel product: The smelting process adopts low-sulfur molten iron and low-sulfur scrap on the basis of the general process flow of steel for export, adding the refining process of LIIF furnace deep desulfurization and SiCa treatment. In this way, the sulfur content in the steel can be reduced, and the sulfide in the steel can be modified. Greatly improve the toughness of steel and improve the casting performance of molten steel, and increase the qualification rate of the tundish temperature to ensure smooth casting.

Our quality control department will do inspection for details of the steel materials S355K2W railway vehicles steel before delivery. We would invite the customer side to attend the inspection together. If they can not come, we will also take rich pictures for them to check. Meanwhile, we will publish inspection report and send them the PDF version. Besides, we accept any third party inspection such as SGS, BV, etc. And our quality control department will support the third party to inspect the steel materials smoothly and try our best to deliver the qualified steel materials to customers earlier.

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