Effect of cooling process on microstructure and properties of JIS G 3114 hot-rolled steel grade SMA400BW

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Effect of cooling process on microstructure and properties of JIS G 3114 hot-rolled steel grade SMA400BW

Ultrasonic flaw detection emits ultrasonic waves to the JIS G 3114 hot-rolled steel grade SMA400BW steel plate under inspection. If there are defects in the steel plate, the ultrasonic waves will reflect, refract or deform waveforms due to the defects. By recording these changes, the type and shape of the defects are analyzed. Due to its high energy and good penetration performance, and the smoothness of the JIS G 3114 hot-rolled steel grade SMA400BW steel plate itself, ultrasound is often used to detect defects such as inclusions, shrinkage holes, bubbles, and cracks in the steel plate.

EN10025-2 S235J2 steel is equivalent to our Chinese teel grade Q235D. They are both done low temperature impact test at -20℃. Sometimes S235J2 would be used to built containers which can bear low temperature sea water. JIS G 3114 hot-rolled steel grade SMA400BW, S235J2+N steel plate, following a rolling process within a certain temperature range, producing a material in a condition equivalent to that obtained after normalization. With the result that the specified mechanical properties values are conserved even after normalization treatment.

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