6mm thickness Corten B railway steel for sale

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6mm thickness Corten B railway steel for sale

BBNsteel prime quality thick plate Corten B railway steel product stock: 31*1640*6150, 34*1460*4550, 34*2420*7300, 26*2800*5300, 32.5*3050*7000, 32*1600*4000, 36*1300*4500, 35*1300*4100, 26*2990*6000, 37*1600*8600, 32*2650*5500, 33*2550*6000, 34*2120*6100, 36*1500*6000, 45*1300*4000, 32*3300*6000, 40*1590*8000, 33*1750*6000, 33*1750*6000, 50*1800*6000, 65*2000*6000.

Since March 20, 2020, the export tax rebate rate of some steel products in China has been increased. According to statistics, the export volume of Corten B railway steel and so on steel products within the adjustment scope in 2019 is 18.888 million tons, accounting for 29.4% of China's total steel exports; the export volume is 14.05 billion US dollars, accounting for 26.1% of the total steel exports. The adjustment will be conducive to the export of some steel products in China and reduce the purchase cost of foreign customers.

The hardness of the steel plate is very high, so special equipment is needed to complete the processing and cutting of these materials, Corten B railway steel. In order to cut the plate into an ideal size, the steel plate cutting needs to use natural gas flame for preheating, which will generate a large amount of oxygen flow during the operation. These substances will oxidize the steel plate, and then form a cutting edge, then the cutting operation process is basically completed. In the actual processing work, there are many different classifications for steel plate cutting.

The weathering steel plate has outstanding corrosion resistance. Whether it is an offshore drilling platform or a harsh corrosive environment such as the chemical industry, weathering steel plates can effectively prevent corrosion of the plates and extend the service life of the plates. In addition, the weathering steel plate has high strength, fatigue resistance and toughness, which are suitable for various characteristics of construction steel plates. Because of its wide application and large market demand, the price of Corten B railway steel, weather resistant steel plate has attracted more and more attention.

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