CEV value of JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW

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CEV value of JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW

JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW, Q420qENH steel plate is a kind of weathering steel plate for bridge. Weathering steel, i.e. atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, is between ordinary steel and stainless steel, and its weathering resistance is 2-8 times of ordinary steel. Q420qNH steel can be divided into three grades: D, E and F according to its quality grade. Q420qENH steel plate executive standard: GB / T 714.

Our company mainly produce automobile steel plates, ordinary carbon low-alloy steel, container plates, ship plates, container plates, weathering steel, petroleum pipes, pipeline steel, JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW cold-rolled silicon steel, etc., which are widely used in various fields of the national economy.The BEBON brand is not only a symbol of strength, but also an embodiment of wisdom.

In order to obtain the seamless tube with smaller size and better quality, the method of cold rolling, cold drawing or the combination of the two must be used. Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two high mill, and JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW pipes are rolled in a circular pass composed of a variable cross-section circular groove and a fixed conical head. Cold drawing is usually carried out on single chain or double chain cold drawing machines of 0.5-100t.

High quality steel sheet and plate product JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW supply 10.5*1970*7950, 13*1300*4350, 11*1900*12500, 12.5*2870*7100, 11*1870*12500, 10.5*1970*8000, 13*1520*7950, 11*1910*9000, 12.5*2900*8250, 11*1870*13500, 10.5*2350*6200, 14*1440*6100, 11*3100*10000, 13*1510*4850, 11*1870*9300, 11*1570*12000, 14*1800*9750, 11.5*2640*7600, 13*2380*6000, 11*2400*10000.

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