Corten B plate thickness welding procedures

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Corten B plate thickness welding procedures

In the second step of hot rolling process, different finished mills are used to roll billets or continuous casting billets into finished steel of proper shape and size. This Corten B plate thickness production process is called finished product production, which is generally divided into two stages of rough rolling and finish rolling. In the roughing stage, a large amount of reduction (reduction per pass) is adopted to reduce the number of passes and improve the output; after roughing, the finishing stage is entered, and the finishing is carried out with a small amount of reduction to achieve a good surface and accurate Corten B plate thickness size.

Q420q material is a kind of structural steel plate for bridges, and there are three quality levels Q420qD, Q420qE and Q420qF. When the Q420q plate is required to have the performance in the thickness direction, the symbols Z15, Z25, Z35 representing the performance level in the thickness direction are added after the above-mentioned grades. Namely Q420qDZ15, Q420qDZ25, Q420qDZ35, Q420qEZ15, Q420qEZ25, Q420qEZ35, Q420qFZ15, Q420qFZ25, Q420qFZ35.

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