welding of SMA490BW plate price summary

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welding of SMA490BW plate price summary

welding of SMA490BW plate plate weight:
1) Theoretical weight of welding of SMA490BW plate plate:
The theoretical weight of a steel plate is the weight calculated based on the nominal size and density of the steel plate (previously called specific gravity). It is closely related to the length, size, and cross-sectional area of the steel plate.
2) The actual weight of welding of SMA490BW plate plate:
The actual weight of the steel plate refers to the weight obtained through actual weighing, which is more accurate than the theoretical weight.

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welding of SMA490BW plate controlled rolling is that, on the basis of adjusting the chemical composition of welding of SMA490BW plate, by controlling the heating temperature, rolling temperature, deformation system and other process parameters, the change law of austenite structure and the microstructure of phase transformation products are controlled, so as to achieve the purpose of refining the structure and improving the strength and toughness of welding of SMA490BW plate.

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