Italy Steel Prices Archives ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel

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Italy Steel Prices Archives ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel

The mechanical properties of hot rolled steel plate are far less than that of cold working and forging, but the ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel, hot rolled steel plates have better toughness and ductility. Cold rolled steel plate has a certain degree of work hardening and toughness is low, but it can achieve a better yield ratio, and can be used for cold bending spring leaf and other parts. At the same time, because the yield point of cold rolled steel plate is close to the tensile strength, the danger is not foreseen in the use process, and accidents are prone to occur when the load exceeds the allowable load.

In the production process of the ironmaking process, the moisture content and air temperature of the ironmaking blast furnace blast have a direct impact on the fuel consumption and fuel consumption structure of the ironmaking process. Blast furnace blast dehumidification is to remove the moisture in the blast furnace blast, eliminate the adverse effects of atmospheric humidity fluctuations on the blast furnace forward movement, and create stable operating conditions for the fans.

ASTM A 242 GR. 1 steel plate, ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel, A 242 GR. 1 steel plate, under ASTM standard, we can regard A 242 GR. 1 steel plate as Steel Resistant to Atmospherical Corrosion A 242 GR. 1 steel plate is one mainly of Steel Resistant to Atmospherical Corrosion, A 242 GR. 1 steel grade is a hot rolled products of structural steels in technical delivery conditions with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Today, the prices of black commodity futures market fluctuated upward. The mentality of the spot market is optimistic, and the quotations of ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel merchants continue to rise. However, downstream users are more cautious in purchasing, and they basically purchase on demand. Some speculative demands have the willingness to replenish at low prices. At present, there are relatively few ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel inventory resources in the market. In addition, the cost of resources in the later stage is relatively high, so businesses are not willing to sell at low prices. On the whole, there are not many short-term new arrival resources, and the shipping pressure of merchants is not big, and the ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel price still has certain support. It is expected that the price of ASTM A588/A588M weathering steel will fluctuate and be stronger tomorrow.

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